Friday, January 3, 2014

5 Things You Didn’t Know About My Dog

Personalized lists entitled "Things You Didn't Know About Me" are making the rounds on Facebook.
It's great fun and you may learn your friend was pulled on stage during a Right Said Fred concert and did a little turn on the catwalk.
Although people are fascinating, I feel our pets deserve an opportunity to share little-known facts about their lives.
So here are five things Brady, my one-year-old Lab, would divulge if he had the chance.
I Bark At Snowmen 
Call me crazy, but when I see a snowman I go into attack mode. Barking, growling, pulling on the leash. To me, if you take the shape of a human, you're a threat. And lookout, I'll rip you from icy limb to icy limb.
I Ate Seven Italian Sausages
I'll be the first to admit I have little restraint when it comes to food. Alone in the kitchen one night, I initiated a covert operation. I jumped on the counter, grabbed seven sausages, and gulped. Mission accomplished.
I Jumped from a Moving Dodge Nitro
If you think a Labrador retriever would be smart enough not to jump from the window of a car, you'd be wrong. I don't recall if I saw a squirrel or kangaroo, I only recall hitting the pavement. Luckily, the sprain heeled quickly.
I Chewed the AC Adaptor of a MacBook Pro
When dogs get together, we often brag about things we've destroyed. I was especially proud of ripping the power cord from a MacBook Pro and chewing it in half. That thing is expensive.
I Got Kennel Cough
Going to a kennel can be a fun experience. Or it can cause hacking spasms. I came home from the kennel with the latter. But, hey, what do you expect, I'm a dog.
So there you have it, five unique things about my dog.
Be glad I don't have a fish.

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