Sunday, June 30, 2013

MLB: 3 Offbeat Ways to Increase Attendance

Sure baseball is fun to watch, especially a Game 7 of the World Series.  But that's not to say the game couldn't use a little fine-tuning.

Here are three unique things to consider that may make the game more interesting.
Manager is 10th Batter
Sorry coach, no more just spitting sunflower seeds in the dugout and yelling at the guys to try harder. A new rule will find you standing at the plate taking a whack at the ball.
Sure you already have a lot to think about, with all the strategizing about bunting and pitch outs, but who's to say you can't do more.
At the post game news conference, before blaming so-and-so for a lack of hustle, you'll have to explain why you struck out with the bases loaded in the seventh.
Maybe swinging that lumber isn't as easy as it looks.
Double Play Dance Celebrations
Baseball is about the fans. And what do the fans want? They want dancing!
If you've ever seen an NFL end zone celebration, you know what I mean. The slick moves and spirited choreography have made for excellent ESPN highlights.
Of course time is a concern, so dancing will only be allowed after a double play. Fielders will be encouraged to mix up styles including:
  • Disco 
  • Break 
  • Robot 
  • Country 
  • Swing 
  • Polka 
  • Square 
Attendance will skyrocket and baseball will again be the hot topic around the water cooler.
"Did you see Xander Bogaerts do the Riverdance last night?" your co-worker may say, "Amazing!"
Clown on Pitcher's Mound
We've all heard the catcall, "Who's that clown on pitcher's mound!" Well, it's time to make it happen and put a real clown up on the slab.
Young fans, who are usually bored out of their binky sitting in the bleachers, will be transfixed.
Pick an inning, let's say the third, and Bozo will drive to the hill in one of those miniature cars with an oversized, red horn.
After making a balloon animal and giving it to Timmy in the first row , he'll wind up and throw a knuckle ball.
Aficionados without kids don't worry. You can hit the concession stand for a bratwurst and beer.
The future of baseball depends upon it.

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